This is a question most people ask themselves. The answer is, start immediately. After you have been approved for the kohls charge, they will send you a temporary credit card number which you will use to shop at any kohls store whenever you want. You can shop using the temporary credit card number at or any other instore from the time you receive it. The credit card number will be send to you through your email. At kohls you will get 20% off your purchase instantly when you open a new kohls charge account online.

When you go shopping at kohls, all you need to do is let the store associate know that you do not have your card. The associate will then look up your credit card number, the one, then print it at any register in the store. This way you become officially approved. After it is printed out, you will be given a card that you are supposed to carry with your every time you go shopping at their store.

Kohls allow you to use your temporary number to shop. If you don’t have the temporary credit card number, you can call their customer care number and there will be able to place your order over the mobile phone. Kohls is the best store to shop at. They offer quality products and services which leave the customers satisfied.

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