Screws are a very important tool for fastening applications. Most of the people get confused between nail and screw. They both are different from one another and used in different areas.

Screws have strong holding power than the other tools. They are available in different coatings to prevent the screw from rusting and they are available in different type as well. If you want to know more about the screws and its type, then you can visit

Using the right screw for work is important because using a wrong screw can damage your project or even screw. While choosing a fastener you need to check the thickness of the material. To fasten metal or a block of wood, lag screw is better to use rather than roundhead or flathead screw.

For woodwork, it is better to use a wood screw. They are commonly made of copper, steel, bronze, etc. There is a self-tapping screw that can drive into the object and tap a hole itself. They are also known as self-drilling screws.

Cabinet screws are designed for cabinet application. They do not get corroded easily and add more strength to the application. For fastening metal objects, sheet metal screws are used. They are also available in different categories for different applications.

These are some of the screws. There are many other types of screws used for different purposes. It is better to pick the right screw for a perfect job.

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