After your wedding next comes your honeymoon. Nowadays everyone wants their honeymoon to be unique. Some may prefer a getaway to a typical beach, while some may take a foreign trip, others may go for a cruise that visits different places or it can also be close to your home which is more affordable.

People marry at different times of the year and then decide their honeymoon according to the season. Some go for long trips while others can’t take a long off from work and prefer to be close by. Here are some popular trends for a honeymoon that we have noticed since the last few years.

Avoid crowds

Earlier people loved crowded places, but nowadays, the scenario is different. Newly married couples who are on their honeymoon don’t want to be surrounded by tourists and crowd. Secluded and private beaches are more preferable these days.


Cruises are a great choice for a romantic honeymoon destination, right in the middle of the sea. You can visit many places in one trip. Moreover, they will set in your budget as all meals are included on the cruise. You won’t have to shell out extra from your pocket.

Exotic honeymoon

Most of the newly married couples are spending more on an exotic honeymoon as it is one in a lifetime experience. It may be the last trip before you begin your family life. So why not live it lavishly.


Apart from the above-mentioned options, couples can also prefer all-inclusive packages or plunge pools where they can relax and enjoy and have a memorable time together.