Mobile devices are becoming more main-stream and a growing number of companies are adopting the mobile-first mindset. Mobile programs are no more regarded as an optional investment, but a requirement.

Progressive Web Programs gaining in popularity

An innovative web app is a program that runs on a web browser. This means that once the users access the mobile app, they can straightaway start using it, as contrasting to built-in apps that the users have to download and install before they actually start using it.

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Android immediate programs becoming more common

Google recently declared ‘android instant programs’ which enable android programs to operate instantly. The fantastic part is that these programs don't have to be downloaded and installed onto the mobile device. They operate immediately.

Beacons and location-based technology will continue to grow

Location-based beacon technology has been on the growth in a previous couple of years and continues to be a blessing to a lot of companies.

Beacons especially allow retailers to bridge the difference between the in-store as well as the online experience for their shoppers.

The Growth of augmented reality and virtual reality

This is actually the very clear new fad – AR growth will surely be the future of cellular development. It may be employed to affect the consumers in participating and purposeful ways.