Many people make the mistake of trying to get one too many seasons out of their vinyl liner. In an attempt to put off the expense of a pool renovation you can end up paying more in the long run.

If the liner is constantly losing water, which is the primary cause for liner replacement, you are wasting money every day.

As the pool leaks, it takes with it the money spent on heating and chemicals for the water. Over even a season or two this additional cost would pay for the majority of the new liner.

A new vinyl pool liner will save you even more money when you consider that a dark print vinyl liner will absorb heat from the sun far more readily than an old sun faded or light colored liner. You can visit to know more about winter swimming pool enclosures.

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These two points alone should be enough for you to consider replacing your vinyl liner sooner than later – and we have not even factored in time spent maintaining a leaking pool or the cost of additional damage that can happen as a result of old and unreliable pool liners.

As a pool liner ages, it loses its electricity and shrinks overall. This can put a considerable strain on your coping track, the retainer for the liner, which may not yet need to be replaced. By exposing the coping to unnecessary strain you may dramatically shorten its expected lifespan.

The type of liner that you buy depends entirely on what type of pool you have. Above ground pools almost uniformly used 20mm thickness vinyl liners where in-ground pools typically have a 27mm liner.

The 27mm liner is considered the same as a 30mm liner with the difference being only in the terminology. Both liners are 27mm but were conversationally rounded up to 30mm.

40mm liners are available as an upgrade for in ground pools but are not a wise investment for the same reasons that 27mm liners are not suitable for above ground pools. The coping track on above ground pools is designed to accommodate the weight from a 20mm liner.

Similarly in ground vinyl pool coping is designed to withstand the weight of a 27mm liner. The advantage of a thicker liner is negated by the additional wear it will place on the coping. A 27mm liner, when maintained properly, can last over 20 years and it the best overall cost-effective choice for in-ground vinyl liner pools.


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