When you go out for shopping in town it is not possible to suggest one route.  because the needs of all of the travelers are different. But if you like luxury shopping then It is possible to see Puerta del Sol, Salamanca, Chueca, EI Corte Ingles , Principe Pio, Gan Via & Sol, Ortega y Gasset and many more shopping malls in Madrid.

Many celebrities like Victoria Backham come here for purchasing as Madrid is now a popular spot for shopping malls and departmental stores.You need about 3 hours just to walk around it. On Sundays and public holidays between 9:00 and 14:00 am, hundreds of street stalls constitute this beautiful market around Ribera de Curtidores road and its environment.

It is an inevitable visit for every tourist that goes to Madrid, in addition to a reference point for Madrid's people. Here it's possible to buy nearly everything: from first and second-hand clothing, shoes, books and antiques, to fruit, flowers, accessories, collectable items, music, pictures or even the most absurd junk.

In recent years a number of stores have sprung up around the Madrid for luxury shopping. They offer you a blend of all kind of shops, restaurants and leisure offer, such as cinema and sports complexes.VAT (IVA) of 16 percent is charged on all products in Spain.

It is possible for people from outside the EU to maintain a tax refund from many central stores – shoppers should search for the global refund tax free shopping stickers in windows and request Tax Free Cheques and maintain them together with receipts to be presented at airport customs upon death.

After a day scouring the stores, you'll need to rest! Have a look at Madrid apartments and revel in the city.

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