Are you still carrying your full dirtbag on the road for everyone to see? Are you going to walk on the road with your poop bag? We have been doing it for years. Consider dog bags or dog poop bags that are now available that not only hide what we carry but, even better, they protect our dog's garbage bags from damage.

And many offer more comfortable benefits with additional bags for other needs. If you want to take advantages of dog poop bags then you can find best dog poop bags at

We all have to take our pet's poop. That is the law for one thing. Besides that, protect our environment and our waters. Taking garbage helps keep our beaches open – dog poop is one of the biggest contributors to polluted waters. So as a responsible pet owner, we do our work.

We do what is right. But the way we do it is very outdated. So, once we take our poop and put it in our dog's poop bag. Another need that is carried in the dirtbag is a bottle of hand sanitizer. This is another area where we have not thought correctly.

We must always clean our hands after handling dog poop. And if we are not close to soap and water rather than hand sanitizer is our only choice. This only makes sense. And why don't we do this? Maybe we haven't thought about it yet. We are a little more knowledgeable, a little smarter. So now we have to change, remember what we know. We must clean our hands.

So it's time to move from the old way to the new way of handling our dog poop. Now it's time to use our knowledge and protect our dog poop bags from damage. It's time to always remember to clean our hands after taking dog poop. It's time to consider holders of dirtbags, useful dog pockets, to help us in new ways of doing things.

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