If the time has come to redesign your house plumbing system, or you’re building a new house, an important decision is choosing between plastic or metallic piping.

A ‘Metal pipe’ (Which is also known as ‘ท่อโลหะ’  in the Thai language ) is a cylindrical tube made from steel and is the most utilized product in the steel industry.

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Metal Plumbing

Leaking pipes are the most popular form for brand new houses. They are not as likely to flow, recyclable, durable, and heat-tolerant. The largest disadvantage of aluminum is its high cost – although some may say the cost would be well worth the caliber!

Older houses can have various other types of metal pipes. Galvanized pipes are occasionally found in houses built before 1980. These are extremely heavy and might contain lead that could be published into your own water when the pipe corrodes.

Plastic Pipes

Plastic piping is a contemporary option that’s relatively affordable and light. They don’t rust or rust over time in how metal does. Plastic is much easier to use for people who wish to try DIY plumbing jobs in your home. There are lots of forms of plastic pipes widely utilized in residential pipes.

The most widely used form of a plastic pipe is PVC. PVC is a favorite for vents and bathrooms. It’s good at managing high water pressure and stocks another upside of vinyl. The drawbacks of PVC pipes, however, are a few. It may have difficulty managing hot water, warping over time. Some people today believe PVC pipe offers water a plastic flavor.

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