Lucid dreaming is the ability to consciously direct and control your dreams. Basically, it transforms your inner dream world into a living reality. In lucid dreaming, everything you see, hear, feel, taste and even smell can be as genuine as real life. It is also called conscious dream which is a state of mind where a person is dreaming but is also aware of his dreams and can actually sense the progress of the dream.

In lucid dreams, you’re enjoying normal dream and sometimes something completely unlogical happens which forces you to ask yourself “Am I dreaming?” And the answer is “Yes you are!” And you know what that simple observation can set you on a giddy journey into a new world of dream control.


In state of lucidity, a dreamer can participate as well in the dream sequences as well as manipulate all the fantasies that they are experiencing in reality. A lucid dream is highly dependent on one’s self-awareness and it is often real . You can also control your dreams by following helpful lucid dreaming techniques.

Of course the most obvious reason to have lucid dreaming is for excitement and adventure but there are so many more benefits apart from this. Some of the benefits of including Facing your fears, Self awareness, Removing false limitations, Stopping Nightmares, Personal and spiritual growth, Improving confidence, Healing and Improving creativity.

lucid dreaming

But the question is how to have lucid dreams? By imagining being in a world just as real as the one you are in now, and your dream world is completely controlled by your thoughts and mind, where you can fulfill all your desires and wishes. In lucid dreaming, you are exploring the deepest thoughts of your very own subconscious and using the greatest tool for self-discovery. It cannot be described with words but only once someone experiences a lucid dream will they truly understand it.

Keeping the intention that you will lucid dream. Constantly thinking about lucid dreams automatically direct your subconscious to think about lucid dream and chances are you will surely think about it in your dreams causing you to realize that you are dreaming.

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