Eating disorder is one of the deadliest diseases in today's world. A large number of people die annually due to eating disorders. This disease can ruin a person's health and have a negative effect on one's relationships and personal life.

A person suffering from an eating disorder will have extreme eating behaviors. He/she will follow strict diets; throw up after meals, obsessively count calories before and after each meal, and will eat large quantities of food.

Medical issues which arise in this disease are obesity, diabetes, depression, diabetes, heart ailments, higher cholesterol, kidney ailments, hyper-anxiety, arthritis, bone decay, and stroke.

Individuals most afflicted by this disorder are women aged 15 – 24. Peer pressure is the most throughout this era and they aren't able to deal with the strain of looking great.

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Glamour and fashion world, which boasts being slim, isn't helping either. These individuals have problems with low self-esteem and a massive inferiority complex.

This can be caused as a result of an obsession with body size and weight. Girls having this disorder have the urge to become very slim. There comes a stage when they become so sparse that their life is at risk. This illness again is due to very low self-esteem.

Treatment for anorexia consists of extensive screening and assessing physical and mental troubles. The moment the issues are appraised proper medical care is offered to the individual patient. Treatment for anorexia will even include one-on-one therapies, nutritional instruction, body image workshops, group treatments, etc.

Eating disease is a really intricate disease and it needs expert professional assistance. Step one, however, is an acknowledgment of the disorder by the individual and reaching out to relatives and friends for assistance.

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