If diesel performance is your goal, then the most usual diesel performance components to place on your automobile following the normal chip, exhaust and intake are bigger injectors, a bigger turbo, and an updated injection pump or lift pump. You should also buy good diesel performance components to make your vehicle run smoothly for a long time.

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Larger Injectors: Part of this equation for much more horsepower is more fuel.  By putting more fuel to the cylinder you’ll have the ability to increase torque and horsepower, the thing which most individuals do not understand about bigger injectors is they also increase gas mileage.

The majority of the misunderstanding stems in the language itself, of course when people hear “bigger injectors” they only naturally believe the holes are likely to be larger when in all actuality injectors get bigger in a few ways, the dimensions of these holes at the injectors and the number of holes at the injectors.

Increasing the dimensions of these holes is usually achieved in a couple different ways, first is by laser cutting and moment is a procedure called extrude honing.  There’s been a disagreement about which procedure is better yet our experience has indicated that the extrude hone process allows for smoother holes at the injectors themselves permitting an increase in gas mileage.

The next manner that injectors get “bigger” is by raising the number of holes at the injector nozzles, by raising the number of holes at the injector nozzles you get a nicer mist that allows getting a greater atomization.  The greater diesel fuel mileage is with conservative driving naturally.

Pump Upgrades: If you’re thinking about pumping more fuel in using bigger injectors that you will need to be certain that your pump is left up to the job.  The quantity of alteration your pump will probably require in addition to the choices you’ve got offered to you will depend mostly on the calendar year, model and make of your car.

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